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Summary: Oneshot. “You got this look in your eyes.” He cups a lighter in his hand. The cigarette he holds up to it flickers to life. “I’ve seen it before. A long, long time ago.”


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12 May 2008 @ 05:00 pm

I've been revising a lot of my older Naruto fanfics for posting in another forum, so I figured I might as well post them up here as well.

Summary: Oneshot. At the end of the road, after years of bloodshed and tears and death, Naruto and Sasuke meet one last time. There is nothing left for either of them except for the hate that has fueled them to this point.

As always, feedback is good. If you like this story the rest of my fanfiction can be found here.
27 April 2008 @ 05:26 pm
...And another story.

Summary: The fire in the hearth consumes the paper in a matter of moments; curling and crumbling, reduced to ashes by the time Azula arrives.

20 April 2008 @ 12:33 pm

So just to warn everyone, I will occasionally, from time to time, post my fanfiction on here. Feel free to disregard it entirely. But if you do read, please leave a review, whether it be a single word or a ten page rant detailing exactly why I'm an awful writer, it will be greatly appreciated.

Summary: Final Fantasy VII. Oneshot. A weapon is the soul of a warrior. It is an extension of his will, of his self. By which weapon he wields a warrior bares his soul to the world.

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11 April 2008 @ 08:30 pm


So. I finally got around to watching the new episode of the Office.


I’d forgotten how awesome this show was. Damn that writers strike (though I supported it and all) for taking it away from me for so long. This episode was so many kinds of awesome that words simply fail.

Don’t ever do this to me again writers. Please. Just don’t.

On an entirely different note… Let me tell you a story. Don’t worry, it actually goes somewhere. Ever since I started formally writing, and trying to improve my craft, I’ve had a problem every time I’ve gone to the library. Namely, that I can’t find any good books. Now I’m not saying that I can necessarily write any better, but just about every book I pick up tends to suck for one reason or another. So, I figured I might as well share with you all exactly why they suck so hard. Not that anyone actually reads this, but what the hell.



30 March 2008 @ 08:10 pm
So. I haven't mentioned this yet (obviously) but I'm a huge fan of Blade of the immortal. It's probably the best manga I've read, and I think devoured all sixteen or seventeen volumes in a two day span of concentrated reading. Seriously. This manga has everything I'd ever want to read about. Its the holy book upon which I hold up all other stories to compare. They always fall short. Always.
All right, so I'm exaggerating a bit. It's not perfect, but its it's pretty damn close. It holds a special place in my writing career (*snort*) because after reading the awesome fight scenes in it I decided that short, brutal, semi-realistic fight scenes were the way to go and changed my writing accordingly. Well, Blade of the immortal and some other stuff.
Anyway, they're making an anime of it. And a trailer is up. Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=siYv1jIJMVM
Well, on the visuals side it looks a bit patchy, but considering this isn't high quality video and the fact that all the scenes seem to be taking place at night, its pretty good. The character models seem pretty consistent as well. The one fighting part in it (the one with Manji and what's-his-face clashing for about a six seconds)looks serviceable if somewhat... plain. Here's hoping that its just that one scene.
Overall the trailer looks pretty high quality though.
17 March 2008 @ 05:48 pm

So. Hey. I’m an aspiring writer, currently honing my skill by writing fanfiction. Hopefully it’ll lead somewhere. Things will be posted on here pretty sporadically, as I made this account primarily to respond to other Livejournal people.

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